Linia Patel  Nutrition

Corporate Services

Past and Current Clients:

  • McKinsay & Company, UK
  • Boston Consultancy Group, UK
  • Deloitte Consultancy, UK
  • Royal Bank of Scotland, Europe and South East Asia
  • Bank of America, UK, USA
  • Lloyds TSB, UK
  • British Petroleum, UK, South East Asia, USA
  • United Bank of Switzerland, Singapore
  • Ineos  Group, UK, Europe
  • Barclays, UK
  • Credit Suisse, UK


“Linia really understands the pressures and demands of working in corporate settings and therefore  was able to give me bespoke advice that helped me manage my busy travel schedule and challenging lifestyle.  Through simple yet effective nutritional strategies I’m no longer on the brink of a heart attack! I feel great. I’m also more productive at work. I was sceptical  at first but Linia taught me so much. “
Client, RBS, UK

“Thank you for delivering at our Wellness Day. You captivated the audience with your message. A simple, yet profound message on hydration has caused quite a stir in our office.”
Client, Bullhorn, UK

“Linia’s clinics for the Wellness Week are over booked… again!  We can’t get enough of her. When can we have her back?”
Mckinsay & Company UK