Linia Patel  Nutrition

Media Work

Article Writing: Consumer Press

Recent articles in Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Evening Standard, The Times: 'Can running make you fat?' and 'Is coconut water any good for you?', Independent, Western Mail: 'The healthy heart diet' and 'Eat healthier - the Med way', Runners World, Fitness for Women, Slimming World, Your Magazine, Irish Dancers Magazine, F1 Drivers Guide.

Article Writing: Health Professional Press

Recent articles for Fitpro Magazine ('Understanding Insulin'  Summer 2016, 'Milking the Options'  Winter 2014, 'The Hunger Game'  Autumn 2013, 'Fast Results'  Summer 2013, 'You Booze, You Lose'  Oct Nov 2012), British Dietetic Association, Sports Dietitians UK. Editorial Panel for the BDA Eat Well Live Well magazine.

TV appearances

As a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, Linia provides authoritative view points on current affairs programmes such as BBC 1 Breakfast, ITV’s This Mornings Show and Sky News.

Linia has also appeared extensively as a Nutrition Expert on national and international channels such as the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN. Her recent appearances are:
BBC 2 Food: Truth or Scare
BBC 1 Tomorrows Food
BBC 1 Rip off Britain

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